Sunday, December 27, 2009

Saint Snow

I saw this a few years ago in a Church garden....I imagine it is St. Francis since he was in a garden but then again, he could be someone else! At any rate, I found the snow had fallen to garb him in cape and hat and found him quite appealing! I hope you enjoy the photo!

We are still traveling and will be for another week. I will not be able to post again until we land somewhere fairly permanent so while I have the opportunity I am just popping in to say Happy New Year and I'll be in touch. I'm sorry I can't read all your posts or comment right now but I do so enjoy doing that and will be back again soon. Thank you all for being in my life!

Happy New Year to you all! May 2010 bring you your heart's desires!

Blessings and love,

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Secret Garden

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A classic children’s story and film, The Secret Garden is a wonderful story for young and old alike. My sister read this book with me when I was growing up and we delighted in the mystery, the suspense, the tale of friendship, healing and redemption. One Sunday recently TCM showed it on TV and I re-watched the film that was made before I was born…which is a long time ago!

And what came out of it was seeing again how faith, attitude, and love can change what is into what can be. For those of you who don’t know this charming story, it is about a walled garden in England that has been locked up for 10 years, since the owner’s wife was killed in the garden by a falling tree branch. Their child, now 10, lays crippled in a bed, never going outside, and growing up lonely. The owner’s niece, who has grown up in the Crown Colony of India, comes to live with her uncle and discovers little Colin hidden away in his bedroom, fully believing he will die as a child.

I won’t give away the rest but the healing powers of nature come into play, as well as the faith, love and friendship that arise between the children. What I walked away with this time was a fervent desire to encourage each of you to read this charming story, many of you for the first time. Or rent this sappy old movie, which I adore. It is pretty simple given all the special effects we are used to, but I for one am continually drawn to these simple old movies where the story often comes out right in the end and there is a clear moral teaching in it.

Maybe this is my reaction to the craziness and uncertainty and unwanted changes that are occurring in this world. A return to something simple, clear, and morally right feels good. Still, it is a lesson worth remembering about how powerful nature is in the healing process, how a clear vision and faith in that vision can make a difference, and how having a strong friendship and support system can change a life.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Help for the Holidays

Often in my line of work I am asked, “Can you give me some simple ways to cope with the stress of the Holidays?” So in the interest of giving some helpful hints to my clients,

I have created a brief list of things anyone can do to smooth out the Holiday stressors!

  • Breathe. Take 5 minutes each day to breath consciously. If you want to include prayer or mediation during this time all the better, but do remember to take long, slow deep breaths.
  • Change. Remember that traditions are “someone’s way of denying that things change”. I am quoting a client here but her message is a good one. For myself, I used to insist on making dozens of cookies, and 5 gingerbread houses besides decorating to the nines, sending homemade cards, having our entire family for Christmas. Finally, after ending up in tears after every Christmas I heard my husband say for the umpteenth time, “Why are you doing all this?” And I realized no one cared except me. When I let go of MY expectations, I moved into really enjoying being in the moment and being with my wonderful family. THEY didn’t make those demands of me, I did. And guess what? NO ONE, not even I, miss those once held sacred demands! So check into your own traditions and see if there are some you can let go, to free you up to enjoy things more.
  • Simplify your gift giving. If you don’t like to shop, use catalogs or, if you have one, the computer. It saves hundreds of steps and many hours. Better yet, make donations to charities for gifts when and where appropriate.
  • Food and Exercise. Remember to eat nutriciously and to continue with your exercise program. Nothing zaps our energy and spirits more than endless overindulging and giving up on exercise.
  • Rest. Take a nap when you can. I find that even a 10-minute time out with my feet up can revive me for hours.
  • Simplify your meals and support your local talent. There are some great options right in town for precooked yummy and nutritious take out meals. Preorder some of your Holiday meals from places like these or some side dishes for your big entertaining needs to help lighten your load.
  • Smile. I’ve noticed that even when I am feeling the most rushed, harried or stressed that my day improves considerably by being kind and friendly to everyone I meet. And you’ll spread goodwill along the way, passing it on to others, who will pass it along to others and so on, and so on!
  • Stay hydrated. Take a bottle of water with you in your car as you run errands and when you are busy cooking at home, remember to keep a big glass of water going as you sip your way through the day.
  • Give. It is a proven fact that one of the best ways to get out of our own problems and troubles is to volunteer our time, talents and/or money to those less fortunate. There are hundreds of places and people who need what you have to give. What better time than now to start.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bobbing Corks

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"You cannot really disconnect yourself from the passionate, desirous being that you are. It was with enormous clarity that you came forth into this body, and that's why when you try to hold your desire down, it keeps coming up...Your cork will always float unless you are holding it down."

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Silver Spring, MD on Saturday, April 19th, 1997 #275

Our Love,

Jerry and Esther

This is an excerpt from a transmission from Abraham who is the entity that speaks through Esther Hicks. Abraham says so many wise and supportive things that help us sort out some of our thoughts, worries, and concerns. At the suggestion of one of my client friends, I have subscribed to their daily quotes. This one appeared recently and I love how simply this truth is expressed.

I decided to highlight this quote because this week I have seen so many clients who are struggling with this issue. They WANT to change, they WANT to seize their dream, but they are not doing so. Because of fear? Lack of self-esteem? Lack of support, direction or clarity? Yes, yes, and yes.

But today I saw a client with whom I have worked for several years. A few years ago she slowly began to let go of those things that held her back. She slowly began to lay aside the voice within that told her she was not worthy. She slowly released relationships that did not serve her. Today when she walked in, she was radiant. RADIANT! This from a woman who less than three years ago was ready to just sit down and give up.

What made the difference in this one woman? She persevered in spite of her fears and doubts. She held onto her vision of what life could be. And what happened for her is that life became more than she had dared imagine! Make no mistake: she has had challenges aplenty: financial, marital, employment, familial….it goes on and on. But one thing that kept her going was her spirit, that cork that Abraham mentions above in the quote.

Keeping that connection with our spirit, that “passionate, desirous being” that Abraham talks about, is what is so important. If we loose that, we loose our liveliness, our radiance. We become dull, lifeless, without passion.

If you or someone you know has lost that connection, it is important to find it again. Without it life becomes joyless. And God does not want that for us. Sometimes small steps are what is needed to begin.

Begin by holding a vision for what a full life would look like to you. Then take action. Continue to take small steps towards that vision. When doubts arise, thank them for coming and ask them to go, for you no longer have time for them. When challenges arise, strengthen your vision, hold onto it tightly and do not let it go in the face of problems.

At some point, you will find you are having more good days than bad. You will find you have made progress and you are moving closer towards your goal. Just keep going. Keep going! As long as you are following your dream, you will be supported by the Universe. It takes courage, vision, steadfastness, determination, and will to reach your dream. But then, like my client today, you will radiate life and light from the core of your being.

It can be done. Start today. Let your cork bob to the top!