Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mr. Toad

I am redoing my website and logo and have a billion photos to go through, well, maybe not a billion, but several thousand!, and came across this one that I just love. I call this rock Mr. Toad and would love to have you create a short story about how he came to be in this farmer's field. So many of you are writers or creative sorts and I thought it would be fun to have you write a very short story about Mr. Toad.

All entries will be put into a drawing on June 10 and the winner will receive a set of my new color cards!

Have fun!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What is Your Favorite Color?

During this holiday weekend I participated in a class about healing through color and although I am well versed in the subject, I felt it was time to be a participant in such a class, to receive and to learn something new. I truly believe that even if one is an expert, one can always learn something, even if it is a nuance to something already known.

So off I went and as I was looking back on the class I thought it might be fun to start this week off with asking you what is your favorite color and why? If you would like feedback on your color choice, e.g. what is the color symbology, just ask, otherwise this is just for fun. So, what color are you today? What color fills you? What color is calling to you? Write whatever is in your heart.

May you all be blessed by the colors of the rainbow......

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Blog to Recommend

A friend of mine who also loves color has just started a fabulous blog! Do stop by to see her-she has so much to offer us!

Friday, May 22, 2009

May Newsletter Published

Hi everyone!
Yesterday my May newsletter was published so for those of you who would like to read it and aren't on my list, send me your email and I will send you the newsletter. It's free and if you like it you can sign up on my website,
I feature a few newsworthy items, a feng shui tip of the month, a green tip of the month, a color of the month(this month is turquoise), Q&A, and goings on. Hope you enjoy it!

Happy Memorial Day weekend for those of you in the USA. I'd like to thank all the countless beings who have worked to make our country free. To my Dad, my Uncles, my two nephews and my dear husband and his brothers, a special thank you. As we know all too well, freedom isn't free. It has been gained at a high cost. Blessings to you all who work tirelessly and selflessly to keep us safe and free.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Book Giveaway

Shauna has some books to give away on her blog. Drop in for a chance to win!

Plastic Bottle Pile Up

Good evening! I just received this slide show from a colleague of mine. It's all about bottled water and some of the challenges around it. It is definitely food for thought so if you have a few minutes do take a look. I took a wonderful teleseminar this week on Green Kitchens (as in environmentally green!) and will pass on some of the tidbits in a later post. Meanwhile, happy viewing!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wow! Thank you to Angela Recada for honoring me with this award! You all have been so supportive and kind to me as the new kid on the block. Thank you so very, very much, Angela, and to all who have posted on and visited my blog. I am filled with gratitude and an open heart this morning. Many blessings to you all,

Friday, May 15, 2009

Spring in Michigan

No message today other than please enjoy the beauty of a Northern Michigan spring day! Sending you all bunches of flowers and good wishes!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sisterhood in the blogging world

Many thanks to Jan Deremo Lundy for her love, support and technical help as I start my blog. Jan, you are a guiding light for so many women, including myself. May you be forever blessed, dear sister. Jan's blog is Be sure to visit often!

Since I am not yet well connected in the blogging world, I will be passing this on at a later date. Assuredly it already goes to all my "followers" (read SISTERS), although I know it has been to most of you before!

Thanks to everyone for welcoming me with such open arms. Many blessings to all.......

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fallout from Mother's Day

Last night at dinner, I was thanking my husband for his loving attention all day on Mother’s Day. He was amazing, really honoring me in a lovely way throughout the day.

He thanked me for being a great Mom, instilling our three boys with great heart energy. My response was, “it’s no big deal. Doesn’t every Mom do that?” I did not see that as a particularly outstanding thing to do since I always assumed every Mom does that.

We started talking about how so many of us take our gifts for granted. For example, he told me again how thankful he was that I had instilled so much of that heart energy into our sons as he had been so focused on providing for us that he felt he hadn’t had either the time or the awareness to contribute that to the family at the time. I told him he had an amazing ability to negotiate, to lead, to bring people together, to manifest…well, it went on, but what we remarked about is that when we have a God given gift, we often take if for granted while others are amazed at it. If you are an artist and create paintings or quilts or books or pottery etc, you might not see it as a gift but rather just a part of you. But me, who is all thumbs, would see it as an amazing gift, just as I see my husband’s ability with numbers and people as totally fabulous! He sees my ability to have compassion and true heart energy as unusual and unique. I have always assumed everyone had that.

My point is, I personally had a wake up call and am going to honor myself more for the gifts I embody and will give more thanks in my prayers for those gifts that were given to me with such grace. I will honor my gifts by sharing them freely with others. I will honor myself by celebrating the uniqueness that is me. What are YOUR unique gifts? And how do you celebrate them?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Color Preferences

I received a thought provoking post on my last blog entry and it got me to thinking that a post on color preferences, and dislikes, might be fun to read and mull over. When I was studying color as a healing tool, I learned that people’s preference for certain colors is important but what is equally important, or perhaps more so, it their aversion to certain colors.

The example I can think of most readily is the color olive green. We in the class were asked which colors of the 14 in front of us we disliked the most. Olive green turned out to be the one most disliked. Well guess what….we were all women in that class and olive green turns out to be the color of feminine leadership! And all of us had that issue at the time, being fearful of stepping into our leadership shoes as women. We all had issues of self worth, and fear around speaking up. So we all shrank from this powerful, beautiful color.

The other thing I learned was that the saturation of a color also had an impact. The lighter the color, the more intense the “lesson” or message. The darker the color, the more mystery there was to it and things weren’t so out in the open.

The blogger wrote:
“In East Indian culture, we can be all shades of brown from the most pale and fair to the darkest hue of brown, almost black. So many prefer the lighter version. Though I try to rise above this labeling, even I get sucked into the idea of what is aesthetically pleasing.

May we love our colors, but learn that their borders can stretch to hold a wide variety of meaning.”

And it’s so true. We can be easily influenced by society into thinking what color is hip (look at the fashion industry….when they decide that browns and oranges are the colors of the moment, that’s all you can find in the stores, and when it shifts to purple and orange, the same thing happens.), but it’s important to remember where YOUR heart is. Is it with the brown of the moment or with blue? Is it with green or a dark purple?

The great thing about color is there is no wrong answer! Every color you choose is perfect in that moment. There is a lot of freedom in this as well as support. When I go into my closet, pull out a garment, don it, and then take it off right away it is because my body knows instinctively what it needs at that moment. So I will go back in, something will catch my eye, I’ll put it on and voila~the perfect color for me at that moment in time. I don’t even need to be conscious of this for it to work! How easy it that!

Quickly, I’ll tell you why that happens. When we go through our challenges, and who doesn’t!, we use up the color that is associated with that challenge. It gets depleted out of our energy body, so we need to replace it. Color in our wardrobes is an easy way to put it back in. Ditto foods. Have you ever craved a food of a distinct color like oranges or blueberries? Well, that is your body sending a message to you: I need orange or I need dark blue/purple. Amazing isn’t it, this Divine intelligence of the body!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Classical Color

I just read an article today about how colorful the ancient world of Greece really was. We think of all the alabaster white sculptures and respond, "huh?" Yes, the last few years we've heard rumblings from the academic world about how ancient Greece really was a riot of color, not the pure white we have thought it was. Brilliant yellows, reds, greens and blues, all jewel tones, adorned their art but were leached away over time as they lay buried in the earth. When they were excavated, just the marble was left, the color long gone.

What I learned was that the early Greeks had no fixatives for their pigments so they were very unstable and the artist was unable to predict how a color would turn out. Thus, the color red could be anything "from pink to purple". Pigments were created from a variety of things in nature, and the more rare that thing was, the more expensive and more rare the color. For example, the color purple, long associated with royalty in the West, was made from snails found off the coast of Phoenicia. Since it was such a rare color, and very costly, only the very rich or the very royal, could afford it. Thus the early association with royalty!

Here are a few of the colors from ancient Greece and what they symbolized:
Red: this was a color associated with transitions of all kinds. A boy moving into adulthood wore a red cape; a bride wore a red veil; and death shrouds were red. All big life transitional stages.
Black: way back then it was associated with mourning but with the extra layer of showing how well to do you were! Black dyes were hard to achieve so the blacker they were, the richer you were!
Purple: If you were listening above, it was: ?????? (royalty!)
White: It was associated with young, feminine pale skin.

Hope you have enjoyed this peek into the past. Have a great weekend!