Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blessings and Forgiveness

This has been such an incredible period of time. I have not posted much in the last month or so because life is moving at such an incredible speed and so much is happening I can’t keep up with myself! Some very, very challenging events have happened to dear friends, there was that family wedding last weekend, we have seen precious friends we haven’t seen in years, one son is moving to Uruguay, one son is closing his business and on and on. This is not the half of it. So you can see, we have been otherwise engaged.

So, I pulled out my old Bible Study Bible the other night as there was a passage in there that I particularly love and I couldn’t find it in my other Bible. I am not a religious person by any means but I am deeply spiritual and I enjoy and am inspired by wisdom from all the world’s religions. Still, the Bible is what I grew up with and I am most familiar with it, so I often return to it during times of stress and overwhelm.

That is a long introduction into what I want to share with you today. A piece of paper flew out of my Bible Study Bible and on it was a quote I had used about twenty years ago when working with someone who had betrayed me. A friend of mine gave this to me and she told me to say it over and over until I believed it. And guess what, it worked!

So I am sharing this lovely statement with you in case any of you need it. Here it is:

“I have absolute faith that the spirit of God within me gives me the power to forgive those who have brought me suffering past and present.”

A small post it note was on this sheet of paper and it read: It’s not what the world holds for you, it’s what you bring to it”. I’m sorry to say there is no source quoted for either of these but the depth of their meaning is what I wanted to share with you today. For those of you to whom this post particularly speaks, I send you warm loving hugs from the angels above.

And I send many blessings to each of you today and all days. “All will be well, and all will be well and all manner of things shall be well.” (Julian of Norwich)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wedding Weekend

Adieu for the weekend everyone! I'll be back next week. Meanwhile enjoy this garden....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Healing With Color

Color healing therapies go back centuries to cultures in Egypt, Greece, India and others. It has been around so long that its origins are obscured but once again we are beginning to turn towards modalities such as this to assist us in healing on all levels of our being. Color healing modalities are becoming more and more popular as people realize how powerful they can be. Color helps and supports all kinds of things from headaches to depression to adrenal exhaustion etc.

I would be remiss if I did not also add that in this country we can not make physical claims about how color can help us. So let me just say that color seems to help support our quest for wellness and is a good helper. But I cannot claim it is a cure-all due to regulations, rules, and laws against such claims.

That said, what are some of the ways to use color?

First, I would always consult a specialist or color therapist for your particular issues. What could seem just a headache might start from something else so it is important to consult a professional as well as your regular doctor.

Second, once the color has been selected there are many ways to bring it into your body:

  • Colored light therapies (available through a color therapist)
  • Wearing certain colors
  • Being in a room painted a certain color
  • Eating fruits and vegetables of a certain color
  • Wearing color therapy glasses
  • Color breathing
  • Color meditations
  • Color sprays (

How do you select the right color to work with? If you do not have a color therapist near you, the next best thing is to educate yourself about which colors affect your particular situation. My website has a lot of information on colors in the section on color sprays, and my book, Simply Color, is chock full of information on color and how to use it. The book and sprays were created with the intention of being easily used tools for everyone to use: Easy to understand, access and use.

Color is so effective because it comes to us through the energy system connected to our eyes (color therapy glasses, paints, colored windows, accessories, furnishings, flowers, trees, water etc), our skin (clothing, color sprays etc), our stomach (foods we ingest), and our lungs (color breathing, color sprays). The energy and vibration of each color goes throughout our bodies to the area where it is housed in our bodies (chakras). When we have challenges, the color is drained from our chakras and we need to replenish it. For example, when we feel ungrounded or listless, we have probably used up much of the red color in our bodies or perhaps we are naturally deficient in it. The need for red is met by wearing the color, eating red foods like raspberries, strawberries, red apples etc., or holding a red object in our hands. This red deficient person could also do red color breathing, wear the red color, use the red therapy glasses etc.

Color is around us always. It is part of our everyday lives. If you can learn about how to use it effectively, you will always have a tool for healing and wellbeing at your fingertips.

Anyone who comments here will be entered into a drawing for a copy of the Second Edition of Simply Color recently released!

Rainbow blessings to all!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I’m feeling a bit out of sorts tonight. All our sons have made it up to the lake this summer and I am eternally grateful for the wonderful, quality time we had with each one. One of our daughters-in-law made it, and our two grandsons. All in all, a perfect summer.

But now I am sad that fall is kind of here, and people are leaving to go home for the winter, and the summer fun is behind us. We didn’t have much of a summer really. Al Gore should have experienced this cold, wet summer! He might have begun to doubt the idea of Global Warming in a place where the heat had to be turned on 12 months in a row now moving into the 13th month! Oh my. It has been so cold here! I am sitting here writing this in my fall weather fleece jacket.

Nonetheless, we have now had 4 days of sun in a row, a record for this summer of rain, rain and more rain. The flowers and plants are green, but scrawny, some even drowned. Most plants in our yard are smaller than usual, some didn’t even bloom well. And the strangest thing: I haven’t seen one butterfly! Some birds have already left to go wherever they go. The geese are beginning to practice their V shaped formations, the hummingbirds are feeding like crazy as they do just before heading South, the light is fading from the skies earlier and earlier. All in all, I am not wanting to let go of summer this year, partially because we feel it hasn’t really yet arrived!

When you live in a seasonal tourist area, you really notice when people leave to go home for the school year. You can almost feel the air go out of the area as if you got a flat tire. One day there are people all over the place, the next you are looking around for another boat, car or jet ski in sight! Don’t get me wrong…we love both the crowds of summer and the peace of winter. They are so contrasting that it makes life very interesting and varied. There are more and more people staying up here all winter but this former winter loving woman is now becoming one of those old fogies who is looking forward to spending part of the winter away somewhere warm!

I realize I truly am rambling, but that’s what I do when I am in this “between seasons” mood. As much as I love the fall, it is short here, and the cold winds blow all too early. There are little treasures that winter brings like seeing the deer come down to the lake to drink, or the snowy owl sitting outside my kitchen window in the tree, or the bald eagle soaring high overhead looking for his dinner.

And then spring will come again. Living so close to nature again after years of city and suburban living I count the seasons by seeing what is blooming throughout spring, summer and fall, and how the light shifts throughout the winter into those long, endless summer days. Living this far north our night lasts about 6 hours at the height of summer, 15 in the dead of winter. I realize how truly fortunate we are to be able to experience these varied moods of nature. Still, I wish summer would last a little bit longer, and that time with our family could be extended another few weeks. I feel a little guilty for wanting more, but I guess that is just my human side pouting. There is no holding back nature even in the best of times. So I guess I’ll just have to settle into this fleece which will give way to a down parka sooner than later now. Hopefully my reluctance to move on will give way to an embrace of what comes next and I will get immersed in the best of what each season brings.