Monday, June 22, 2009

Intention Deficit Disorder

When I heard about this syndrome I laughed! How appropriate! I believe it came from Michael Beckwith but I could not state whether or not that is the origin of this great play on words!

It is appropriate because the solstices are the two times of year where our intentions for the next 6 months should be written down. It is the perfect time to do so. But how many of us take the time to do so? Or even know this is such a powerful time for intentions?

There is energy in the Universe right now that will magnify our intentions and make them so strong. Like planting a seed at its optimum time, creating and setting our intentions at optimum times such as the summer solstice allows them to unfold exponentially.

So take some time today and write thoughtfully about what you want to happen in your life in the next 6 months. The possibilities are endless. Without clearly defined goals, the angels don’t know what we want and we continue to float through our lives. But set an intention at such a powerful time and your life will change!

Let me know how it goes! Good luck everyone!


  1. Thank you for the reminder! :-). xoxo

  2. I've been doing a lot of personal reading & research over the last few weeks in an effort to get myself moving in a direction I'm happy with on a path I feel inspired to travel on. Of course, I'm more than happy to take the occasional detour. :o)

  3. Annie, you are welcome! xo
    Carolynn, detours are great and keep the journey interesting, as long as we don't get lost in them or mistake them for our main road! It can be a twizzle figuring out what direction we are to move towards. Try thinking about what you loved as a child. Chances are, your life path is related in some way to things you loved to play as a little girl. I used to love to play in my Grandmother's flower garden and here I am making blends from essential oils and making flower essences to put into the blends! Who knew! I also used to take great care when people were sick, and that fed into my healing work. So do take a look at what you used to really love, and the clues are there. Good luck in your search, Carolynn!

  4. Darn - I read this a day too late! Just kidding... This is such a great reminder! It's so wonderful to set intentions and then relax into them unfolding. It's happening for me right now and is almost magical. Your blog is so inspiring to me!! Hugs, Silke

  5. Diantha,
    I agree that it is so important to write down our intentions. My husband and I do this together on January 1 for the New Year. We record them in a special journal. This is a beautiful practice we look forward to doing every year and then looking back at what we intended from the year before. So revealing! And it demonstrates where and how we have grown--even if our intentions did not manifest. Hugs!

  6. Hi Silke, thanks so much for the humor and the kind comments! You are awesome! xo

    Jan, I love doing that myself on New Years. It is a great practice and to share it with a loved one makes it even better! Thanks for bringing that is a wonderful practice! xoxox

  7. Thanks for the great reminder. I feel like my last blog entry is even more powerful now! Out of curiosity, what was your intention?

  8. Well, my Gemini nature is showing now, Mermaid, because I wrote 12 intentions! If one is good, 12 are better! <;-) HA!


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