Sunday, September 6, 2009

Healing With Color

Color healing therapies go back centuries to cultures in Egypt, Greece, India and others. It has been around so long that its origins are obscured but once again we are beginning to turn towards modalities such as this to assist us in healing on all levels of our being. Color healing modalities are becoming more and more popular as people realize how powerful they can be. Color helps and supports all kinds of things from headaches to depression to adrenal exhaustion etc.

I would be remiss if I did not also add that in this country we can not make physical claims about how color can help us. So let me just say that color seems to help support our quest for wellness and is a good helper. But I cannot claim it is a cure-all due to regulations, rules, and laws against such claims.

That said, what are some of the ways to use color?

First, I would always consult a specialist or color therapist for your particular issues. What could seem just a headache might start from something else so it is important to consult a professional as well as your regular doctor.

Second, once the color has been selected there are many ways to bring it into your body:

  • Colored light therapies (available through a color therapist)
  • Wearing certain colors
  • Being in a room painted a certain color
  • Eating fruits and vegetables of a certain color
  • Wearing color therapy glasses
  • Color breathing
  • Color meditations
  • Color sprays (

How do you select the right color to work with? If you do not have a color therapist near you, the next best thing is to educate yourself about which colors affect your particular situation. My website has a lot of information on colors in the section on color sprays, and my book, Simply Color, is chock full of information on color and how to use it. The book and sprays were created with the intention of being easily used tools for everyone to use: Easy to understand, access and use.

Color is so effective because it comes to us through the energy system connected to our eyes (color therapy glasses, paints, colored windows, accessories, furnishings, flowers, trees, water etc), our skin (clothing, color sprays etc), our stomach (foods we ingest), and our lungs (color breathing, color sprays). The energy and vibration of each color goes throughout our bodies to the area where it is housed in our bodies (chakras). When we have challenges, the color is drained from our chakras and we need to replenish it. For example, when we feel ungrounded or listless, we have probably used up much of the red color in our bodies or perhaps we are naturally deficient in it. The need for red is met by wearing the color, eating red foods like raspberries, strawberries, red apples etc., or holding a red object in our hands. This red deficient person could also do red color breathing, wear the red color, use the red therapy glasses etc.

Color is around us always. It is part of our everyday lives. If you can learn about how to use it effectively, you will always have a tool for healing and wellbeing at your fingertips.

Anyone who comments here will be entered into a drawing for a copy of the Second Edition of Simply Color recently released!

Rainbow blessings to all!


  1. Colour is more important than many people realise - it affects mood and emotions and advertisers use colours widely. I use crystals for healing and the colour is very important, determining which chakra the crystal resonates with. We are often drawn to a certain crystal and this can be useful in letting us know which chakra needs some attending to.

  2. I never really thought about colors that much. Your posts make me realize I/we do use color more than we may realize. The bright blue of a morning sky brings a feeling and energy. The soft yellow of a flower or vibrant blazing yellow of the sun, each bring an energy to the viewer. I wear many different colors to work and on days I ware my bright fun colored scrub tops, my patients seem to open up and smile more. It brings a lighter heart. I will have to pay closer attention to this as it does play a major role in overall health, mood and wellness. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to learning more about colors and how we can utilize them. I'm naive here. but what are color sprays? I read but I can't quite grasp the concept. Thank you for educating me and being a "colorful" teacher. Love and Light, Nina P.

  3. OH we are so on the same wavelength Diantha!
    I am in the middle of reading a book by Doreen Virtue called 'Angel Medicine' and I am up to the section - the Chakras and the associated colours.

    I am a strong believer in colour healing and want to learn more about how to use it effectively.

    Thank you for the rainbow blessings and thank you for a great post. I will print it out and study it further.

    Hugs, light and love.

  4. Thanks for this post. I have been very interested in learning more about color therapy and I think I will look at it a little more seriously. It sounds very healing.

  5. I hadn't considered the powerful healing potential of colour to help me cope with my recent loss. I'll be more conscious of this in the future.
    Much love,

  6. Stoneweaver, you are right. Crystals are a great way to work with the power of color. Last year I took a wonderful course on gem elixirs and really enjoyed the power of color as found in the elixirs. Your work can then be seen to be very healing in the jewelry you make! Great job!

    Mama of 6: I think you will enjoy learning about the power of color. You can use it with those children of yours in very subtle but powerful ways!

    Carolynn, yes, using the color purple to move through grief is an amazing tool. Color is very powerful but so gentle, and yet we don't even have to think about it for it to be working. Do you find yourself drawn to shades of purple or lavender right now? If so, it is your grief yearning for this color to soften the effects of sorrow. May you find solace in your memories of Bear, tied with a purple ribbon.

  7. Hello Diantha
    I left a profound comment here yesterday and it has gone off into cyberspace....LOL.

    When I came over here I thought WOW we are on the same wavelength as I am reading a book by Doreen Virtue called "Angel Medicine" and I am up to the section about Chakras and the colours associated with them.

    I have believed in colours and their importance for many years. So I thank you for this very enlightening post as it is a great reminder to remember about the power of colours.

    Sending you light and love.
    Peggy :-)

  8. Peggy, so sorry...your comment ended up in my spam folder along with a few others! So the comment and answer section is a bit messed up! I am excited to hear you are reading Doreen Virtue...her work and mine are closely aligned but I have never met her. Well, and she is a master as well! Hope you enjoy your book!

    Nina, Color Sprays are a product I created that is based in aromatherapy. I came up with formulas that create the essence of each color. So people use them just as they would a specific color. There are many ways to use them, too many to list here, but they are listed on my website. They are so easy to use but powerful just like color itself. And I'm glad you are here to learn about color. I'll try to bring you some good stuff about it!

  9. Hi Diantha!
    I love this idea. When I was in high school I worked at a coffee and tea shop. On weekends, my shift would start at 5 or 6 a.m. One time a customer told me that the trick to early shifts was to wear something bright and cheerful. It wakes you up and keeps your spirits lifted, she said. So I wore bright yellow just about every weekend. It worked! Whether it really was my shirt or just that I believed in it doesn't matter to me. I felt good and I had lots of energy, and the lesson stayed with me. I would love to explore this more. Your concept of the colors being related to our chakras makes sense. I will be checking out your other website to see what I can learn! Thanks for a compelling article!

  10. I think it is so wonderful to heal with different modalities. Thanks for sharing your expertise and passion!

  11. Joy, how great you learned this early on! Thanks for sharing this and giving credence to the article!

    Mermaid, you are welcome! And yes, it is fun to learn all about all the modalities! They are many and varied, something for everyone!

  12. Diantha - so glad to see you writing about this! I study and meditate on the chakras, and as you mentioned, color has always been a vital way of connecting to these. Color, sound, smell, it seems there are so many related vibrational frequencies we can work with. I hadn't thought as much about the colors of foods until recently, and I don't know much about color therapy or crystals, so I was glad to learn about that.

  13. Mommymystic, how cool that you already meditate on the chakras! And yes, foods are definitely available to bring color to us! I wish I needed brown right now...I could use a bite of chocolate! xo

  14. Hi Diantha! Boy do I need to read those books! I am so attracted to certain colors but then my mood will change and I will think I was nuts! (that nuts part happens often!) I love red - I don't have a lot of it in my house on walls, but accents. And I love red food!!!!

    This is so interesting and I really thank you for writing about this! I want to hear more - guessin I'm getting the books!

  15. SuZen, Red is such a lushious color! So full of life! Hope you enjoy the book! Let me know how you like it! xo


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