Monday, August 24, 2009

Feng Shui Tips for Fall

Our grandchildren left yesterday to head back home as they are starting school on Wednesday. I figured it might be a great time to offer some feng shui tips for fall:

  • Position the bed: Beds should ideally face the door but not be in direct line with it. When you enter a bedroom, you should be facing the bed. The idea behind this is that when you are sleeping, if anyone comes into the room you want a clear view of who it is. Back in ancient China, the intruder was often up to no good so if one had a good view of the door from where they were sleeping, they might have a chance to react and protect themselves. We and our children still have this reptilian brain response embedded in our brain stem.
  • Organize-to a point. This gets harder the older the student becomes as they want control of their space which in mind takes precedence to what the parents want to a point. It is important to keep it clean, if not neat. I once had a child who was so messy I refused to clean his room unless it was picked up. If it wasn't, he had to clean it, under supervision. The rule was no food or drink in the bedrooms because with three sons, who knew how long the empty plates or cups would sit there under piles of sporting gear and clothes. However, if you can, get their rooms as organized as possible and if you have little ones, train them early by having bins and baskets to put things in.
  • Clear the Clutter. A sub category of organizing, this is often the result of poor organization combined with a ho-hum attitude. Everyone knows how distracting clutter can be. However, for some kids, it can fill a need for a feeling of security and safety. Some people need a kind of buffer between them and the world. Do your best to support clearing the clutter, but if it becomes a habit for the child, it might be an innate need for stuff around them to make them feel secure.
  • Add Color. Surround your child with colors that will be support him/her. If you are not familiar with this, consult a professional color specialist or Chapter Six of my book, Simply Color. ( Don't be upset if your teenage child chooses black. It is a pretty typical choice for that age group.
  • Move electronics. I know we are in the information age and that there are many electrical things kids want in their rooms. Try to place these as far as possible from the bed. And yes, this includes digital clocks. The EMF's emitted by these appliances are harmful to our body's energy field and over time can cause damage to our bodies as well as lowering our immune system.
  • Place Chairs. Windows are wonderful but they provide distractions for kids. If you hae a child who is dreamy by nature, place their chairs with their backs to the windows. this will help them focus either on conversations at dinner or when studying.
  • Stay clean. You know what they say about cleanliness being next to godliness, so I probably don't have to elaborate much here. Suffice it to say that dust mites, cockroaches and vermin cannot only be annoying, they can carry disease. 'Nuff said.
  • Use aromatherapy. For times in your child's life (and yours too!) when they cannot control their living space (sharing a room with a sibling, living in a dorm or apartment with others, even living at home with you) they can use aromatherapy. Life Potentials offers two lines of aromatherapy sprays: Simply Feng Shui and Simply Color. They were developed with the idea of offering indirect feng shui and color support when spaces cannot be controlled. You can find them all listed at If you are knowledgeable yourself about how to combine essential oils into formulas, you might want to try making your own!
  • Tip: For teachers, parents and students: use yellow for focus, to remember things, and for clarity.
So good luck to all students and teachers returning to school this year. May you all have a blessed year!


  1. diantha, these are wonderful back to school tips. though she is now a sophomore in college, my daughter would greatly benefit from knowing these things. every little bit helps when it comes to our kids' well-being. hope you had a wonderful family visit! xo

  2. Hi Jan, yes, these tips are valid for everyone! We can all benefit from them as you so well pointed out...there is no age limit! And yes, thank you, we had a blessed time with our family. This weekend our youngest son arrives so this is the first summer in about 3 years that all three will have made it up to the lake. More on that in another post, but for now, I wish you well in sending your daughter off to another year of college! xo

  3. Thanks for the great tips. There seems to be a theme of order here:)

  4. Mermaid, hmmmm, I hadn't thought of that but you are right...there are several things having to do with order. Perhaps because I seek that in my own life! HA! Hope you have found something of use to you and yours.....xo

  5. Great list! Wish I'd had it when my kids were young and still at home. But I can certainly apply it to our own space! I loved your comment about your uncle's gift to botany with the new Cabbiginea skunkafolio name. Very cute. I think he should have gotten an A, too

  6. Hi Anne, yes it can apply to all of us, whatever our ages! Glad you liked that anecdote! We come from a long line of kidders! But that was one of my favorite family stories. xo

  7. These are great tips for everyone. A & E has a show called Hoarders and the next morning I always evaluate my clutter and such and make any adjustments. I'm going to save your tips on my desktop. Thanks and have a great Wednesday! Susan

  8. Great tips! My kids are gone but the rooms still need tweaking! I usually get into the whole closet reorg. program when the seasons officially change. With our summer weather so lousy this year I haven't worn a lot of things and I cringe that my rule is if you don't wear it, it goes. I may have to make a few exceptions.

    Thanks for reminding us about the whole list of things. Wondering if you could blog about good color choices and what energies the colors bring? This seems to be your area!

  9. Susan, the show sounds interesting...I'll have to look for it! Glad you enjoyed the tips! You have a great day too! xo

  10. Clutter as security - what am interest and revealing idea!

    Certainly explains a lot.

  11. SuZen, Sure! I can write a post about good color choices....will do that in the next few days. And you sound like a good clutter control is a wonderful rule to get rid of anything you haven't worn in a anomalies notwithstanding! I think you might have to make exceptions this year given the cold wet summer some of us have had! I have a rule for myself that when I bring a new item of clothing in, one goes out. Better yet two! This has helped tremendously in the closet clutter department!

    Cheryl, yes, clutter can be security for people. And yes, it does explain a lot! This is a deep subject but trust me, I know of what I speak!

  12. Funny, I have been cleaning and decluttering today :-). It always feels so good!

  13. Yes it does doesn't it! For me it is a constant process, Annie! Every day! That's because I am naturally a keeper! So I have to remind myself every day to keep things flowing!

  14. These are wonderful tips, Diantha. Thank you!

    I chuckled at your last comment about this being a constant process, and calling yourself a "natural keeper." I know many of us can relate to that! I dread the thought of having to move some day. At 20 years in this house, this is the longest I've ever lived anywhere, and I've never had this much precious stuff before.
    I hope you have a happy weekend.


  15. Angela, you are welcome! And yes, I know the longer you stay put, the harder it is to move! The longest we ever lived anywhere was 13 years. That move was AWFUL! But it's over, and I picked up good habits so we are ok. Plus we moved into a house without any storage so we have very little stored! YAY!

    Thanks for stopping by today! xo


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