Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Gardens

With summer on the wane, I thought it might be a good time to take a look at some different types of gardens to see what kind really makes your heart sing. Here are a few examples to peruse. Which garden would you like in your own yard?

I'll be taking a few days off here to be with my grandchildren. Talk to you all later! xo


  1. Hi Diantha,

    All the gardens you showed are lovely! I'd be happy with any (or all!) of them. Flowers of any kind make me happy, but I guess I lean more toward a cottage garden than a formal garden. The field of sunflowers is gorgeous, isn't it? I've only seen one a few times, and I'll never forget the sight.

    Have a wonderful time with your grandchildren!


  2. Angela, I love flowers too! And gardens of all sorts. The fields of sunflowers are close to us and each year they plant a different field alternating with corn. There are about 6 or 8 big fields filled with the sunflowers and the same with corn. It is such a sight. You come upon them after a curve in the road and right over a hill and WOW .... there they are! They are spectacular. Good to hear from you....and thank you...I am having a BALL with them! Just made chocolate chip or blueberry pancakes and they are both happy as can be....and already planning our picnic lunch! That's boys for you! It is such fun! xoxoxoxoxo

  3. Eeny meeny miney mo -- I love them all! But especially that profusion of sunflowers!

    Hope you're having a total blast with the grandoffspring!

  4. I refuse to choose. I'd like a little bit of each of them!

    Enjoy your kidlets.

  5. Lynn, I love those sunflowers too! And Carolyn, I'm like you....I'd like some of each! Enjoy the last days of summer! xo

  6. Hi Diantha,
    All the gardens look great and it is difficult to choose only one.
    Have a wonderful time with your grandchildren.
    I would love to express my thanks for your purchases at REFLECTIONS.There is some problem in my gmail today.It is not opening from morning and hence I could not send you a mail earlier expressing my thanks.

  7. Sema, glad you stopped by for a garden tour! Enjoy! And thanks for the beautiful designs! xo

  8. Definitely the last one. It has a cottage vibe as it sits up close and personal with the wall of the house. There is a casualness about it. No fancy shmancy landscaping. Nothing pretentious or keeping-up-the-Jones kind of thing.

    So, so me. I love greenery and am not too much of a flower girl really. But a little color is good in a garden. And this one is just perfect,

  9. Cheryl, so glad you found the perfect one for you! Isn't it nice to know what you like and find it! Wish all of life were so easy! xo

  10. Love the garden next to the walk. Would be great to stroll!

  11. Oh yes, that is a great one, Diane. This garden is on the north side of the "Mighty Mac", the Mackinac Bridge, so the view as you look from the sidewalk over the garden is into both Lake Michigan, and Lake Huron, Mackinac Island and the Grand Hotel, and the bridge itself (5 mile suspension bridge). It is an incredible view made all the more amazing by this beautiful garden. What I love about this one is the variety of species and colors. It really looks like it belongs in a Botanic Garden somewhere! Glad you liked it!


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