Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Signs of Spring

photos by Babs Young

I have a wonderful neighbor and friend who is an amazing photographer. Just wanted to share some signs of spring from her work. I'll post some of mine too later this week....Enjoy!


  1. Very pretty. I hope you & your family are well.

  2. Beautiful spring photos Diantha. Those colours in that second photo are awesome.

    It is autumn here in Australia and at the moment the days are warm and the nights crisp....perfect weather.

    Peggy xxx

  3. Nacherluver and Laura, thank you for viewing these beautiful photos of Babs's. and Peggy, I LOVE fall weather! Each season brings its blessings to us don't they!

  4. Just beautiful!!! I just love that time each year when the seasons emerge, whatever they may be. Much love to you! Silke

  5. Are you the yellow, purple flower, or the sunset?

  6. Stunning and I did enjoy the pictures, thank you. xox Wilma


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