Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fallout from Mother's Day

Last night at dinner, I was thanking my husband for his loving attention all day on Mother’s Day. He was amazing, really honoring me in a lovely way throughout the day.

He thanked me for being a great Mom, instilling our three boys with great heart energy. My response was, “it’s no big deal. Doesn’t every Mom do that?” I did not see that as a particularly outstanding thing to do since I always assumed every Mom does that.

We started talking about how so many of us take our gifts for granted. For example, he told me again how thankful he was that I had instilled so much of that heart energy into our sons as he had been so focused on providing for us that he felt he hadn’t had either the time or the awareness to contribute that to the family at the time. I told him he had an amazing ability to negotiate, to lead, to bring people together, to manifest…well, it went on, but what we remarked about is that when we have a God given gift, we often take if for granted while others are amazed at it. If you are an artist and create paintings or quilts or books or pottery etc, you might not see it as a gift but rather just a part of you. But me, who is all thumbs, would see it as an amazing gift, just as I see my husband’s ability with numbers and people as totally fabulous! He sees my ability to have compassion and true heart energy as unusual and unique. I have always assumed everyone had that.

My point is, I personally had a wake up call and am going to honor myself more for the gifts I embody and will give more thanks in my prayers for those gifts that were given to me with such grace. I will honor my gifts by sharing them freely with others. I will honor myself by celebrating the uniqueness that is me. What are YOUR unique gifts? And how do you celebrate them?


  1. First of all - Who are you, courting 11 followers?

    Your blog has taken off because we recognize and others will soon recognize your heart and your passion for connecting, informing and encouraging.

    I feel blessed to have met you at Jan's blog and I am so glad that I followed the link and joined your merry band of followers.

    About today's post:
    I believe I've been blessed with the gift of putting words to paper or screen as the case may be. Writing to inspire and empowering women is my passion. I've been told that speaking might be a natural off-shoot but God has not lead me there yet.

    Meanwhile I prod along with my writing, hopefully fulfilling my God-given purpose every day in His strength and by His grace.

  2. Cheryl, you really have been blessed with the gift of words. I am always inspired reading your blogs! I would not be a bit surprised to find you speaking one day soon. I love how you are able to reach out so easily to women...the image of the Allstate logo comes to mind, as you so gently but firmly hold us in your loving, wise words. Thank you for your support and kindness. xo

  3. Diantha,
    I agree with Cheryl. You are pretty amazing. Your heartlight shines through in all you do.

    Oh, my, gifts. Yes, writing is one, teaching, speaking,but perhaps the one that means the most to me "feeling." Just being able to feel everything—people, their energy, their hearts and sorrows. Animals. Beauty. The Divine. It's brought me to Love. I didn't realize until I was in my 40's that I am a "sensitive" and it is quite a gift. At times a "curse," as it is difficult to be so, but oh the joys. My intuitive nature is very strong and I honor it. :-)

  4. Jan, thank you. Yes, your gifts are amazing and isn't it wonderful to feel our world instead of just observing it! Yes, it can sometimes be a challenge, that is the way it is in this world of duality! But your ability to honor this gift and others is your gift back to the Universe. Thank you for all your gifts that you share with us!

  5. That's really interesting, actually. I'd never thought of the 'gift' thing from that perspective, however, I think it's true. I'm more apt to feel that I have to really search for my unique gift or work hard at unearthing it, when the reverse may be true. It may be the one thing that comes to naturally, it goes unnoticed by me. Hmmmm...

    Off the top of my head, I think one of my gifts is the ability to put other people at ease, particularly in social situations.

  6. Hi Carolynn,
    Yes, it is kind of like having something right under our noses and not seeing it. And YOUR gift is such a great one! I work hard at that because I know how it is to be a "wallflower". So someone like me who is naturally shy would be so grateful to find someone like you at a social situation. That is a wonderful and needed gift! Here's another one: you can write in a way that pulls people into your story or article. So your gifts seem to all about you reaching out and pulling people into your embrace. How beautiful. Thank you so much, Carolynn, for sharing. xo

  7. Well said. You ARE a great mom and a great auntie to boot! xoxoxo

  8. Thank you "Beauty Guru"! And YOU are one awesome niece! xoxoxoxoxoxo


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