Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What is Your Favorite Color?

During this holiday weekend I participated in a class about healing through color and although I am well versed in the subject, I felt it was time to be a participant in such a class, to receive and to learn something new. I truly believe that even if one is an expert, one can always learn something, even if it is a nuance to something already known.

So off I went and as I was looking back on the class I thought it might be fun to start this week off with asking you what is your favorite color and why? If you would like feedback on your color choice, e.g. what is the color symbology, just ask, otherwise this is just for fun. So, what color are you today? What color fills you? What color is calling to you? Write whatever is in your heart.

May you all be blessed by the colors of the rainbow......


  1. Hi Diantha!

    Today I am feeling bright and filled with energy. I love yellow, so that's the color I am today!


  2. Ohhhh me...meeeee!! How fun is that!! Well - in general any Fall colors, but I am most drawn to green - that lovely chartruese green - adore it on anything - lol it's all over my blog. I would love to hear what that means!!
    Thank you! BTW.. I do love your name!!
    Namaste, Sarah

  3. I've asked a lot about seagreen, but I don't mind hearing it again:) What about lavendar? Or burgundy? What's your favorite color?

  4. Hi Tabitha! You are always so upbeat and sunny natured so it is no surprise you would pick yellow today! It is so you!

  5. Sarah, that lovely color of green that you love? Well, it has both yellow and blue in there, with more yellow than blue. Yellow is sunny, focused, represents clarity and a balanced ego. Blue is peaceful, full of truth, the Divine Feminine, and communication. Pretty much describes you doesn't it! That particular color of green is has its own symbology too, which is growth, feminine leadership, flexibility and heart energy. (All colors also have their challenge aspects too but let's not go there on this beautiful day!)

  6. Hi Mermaid! I love all those colors you mentioned, and my personal favorite is probably blue, but each day I gravitate towards different colors depending on what is going on in the moment and which color supports me that day!

    Seagreen reminds me of, well, mermaids, and the sea, and beautiful, leafy seaweed and tropical seas. It feels like a really refreshing color and nourishing as well!

    Lavender is a paler shade of purple which is a healing color. We use lavender oil for relaxing and the color is both relaxing and healing. It is also a color that is quite spiritual, almost angelic, and allows us to reach those realms through meditation, prayer, and reflection, all in the realm of lavender.

    Burgundy is a deeper shade of red with a bit of brown added. This deeper shade takes red out of its wilder side into something much more grounded and "safe" thanks to the dab of brown in there! It also has some blue and that addition to the color takes it towards the shade of royals: purple. So there is a lot going on in burgundy. I personally think of this as a very grounding, sensible, comforting color that brings in a lot of nourishing energy.

    Let me know if any of this resonates with you! Have a colorful day!

  7. Sea green blue, sky blue,blue. I change favorite colors every couple years, this color has been a fav for the last year.
    What does it mean that I never stick with one :-).

  8. Annie, what beautiful colors you describe, very ethereal! The sea green blue and sky blue both have a predominance of blue in them. So my question to you is, even though you change colors, is blue always in there somewhere? If the answer is yes, you probably have a penchant for blue overall, but the shifting of the colors through the blue spectrum just takes on different aspects of that color allowing you to explore all the variances of blue, that color of great depth, like the ocean, or the heavens!

    Green blue has a lot of blue and some yellow. And they form a third color, green blue. The more complex the color components are, the more complex and layered is the symbology of the color. With blue being about peace and yellow being that sunny energy, the sea green blue signifies the ability to be both peaceful and outgoing at the same time. You are probably very friendly but tend to be a bit quiet and contemplative. You can go into a zone where you receive creative ideas and yet you have the energy to bring them forward. With the addition of the color sky blue, you align with the peaceful qualities in your life and this is what truly nourishes you, your ability to go within and receive.
    So don't worry if your colors change. That happens as we change. I personally have shifted through different periods, like Picasso did!, and each color helped me through something I needed to learn and assimilate. Rather I would encourage you to look at your shifting color preferences as a trip through the rainbow! Enjoy!

  9. Thank you Diantha, I am very peacful and sunny right now :-). My favorite color a few years
    ago was orange and before that pink. I think the sea-green will be around a while :-).

  10. My favorite color is green - has been for thirty plus years. Today though, I'm cozying up to mustard yellow. There is a deep longing to own a large mustard-yellow bag to add a splash of color to an outfit.

  11. Hi Annie, Orange and pink are great colors as well. Let's face it...they all rock! I can see you with that sea-green around you. Beautiful!

  12. oooooooooooo I hope you get that mustard yellow bag, Cheryl! Sounds yummy! Green is so you too! You are so heart centered and so smack dab in the middle of your path! Perfect for you! The mustard yellow will bring a lovely contrast to the more subdued green, and bring even more clarity to what it is you do so well!

  13. Hi Diantha,

    I flit through my favourite colours like a bumblebee moves from flower to flower. Today, however, I'm royal purple. A quick perusal of your response to an earlier comment on Lavender made me raise my eyebrows, as I seem to be in an introspective, meditative, healing state at the moment. Would you say that was accurate based on me colour choice?


  14. Hi Carolynn, Yes, I would say that your assessment is accurate but because it is a royal purple, you are taking it to a very deep, very personal place, almost like going into a cave or womb like environment. If you have been hurt in some way (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual levels) then you are reacting by going deeply within to pull that healing into your very core. This could be a pivotal moment in your life with this choice. Imagine yourself wrapped in a cloak of this color, thoroughly filled with that color of protection and healing. And then just allow that color to penetrate into your being to do the healing it needs to do. The great thing about color is that you don't have to tell it what to do or where to go. It just does what it needs to do.
    Many blessings to you as you move through and re-emerge into joy! xo


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