Thursday, May 21, 2009

Plastic Bottle Pile Up

Good evening! I just received this slide show from a colleague of mine. It's all about bottled water and some of the challenges around it. It is definitely food for thought so if you have a few minutes do take a look. I took a wonderful teleseminar this week on Green Kitchens (as in environmentally green!) and will pass on some of the tidbits in a later post. Meanwhile, happy viewing!


  1. I never understood the obsession with bottled water and therefore never got on the bandwagon. Opting instead to stay with tap water. The thought of mounds of non-biodegradable material freaks me out too.

    The photos confirmed that I am on the right track - staying away from this environmentally- damaging practice.

    Thanks for sharing the link.

  2. Weren't those photos discouraging! You know, I don't want to ever judge people because we never know the whole story, so if there are people in the world who need to use plastic bottles or risk disease from contaminated wells etc, then ok. But when we have safe water at home, and the ability to filter it, and alternative containers, then why not use the tap! I have a stainless container I bought at our food coop that I fill from the tap to take with me in the car, on walks, etc. It's my personal effort to try to help with this "environmentally damaging practice". Thanks for your comment!

  3. The only time I ever buy bottled water is when I'm travelling and the choice is dehydrate or buy bottled water. I'm I'm going to buy a sturdy carry bottle though so even then I won't need to buy the bottles. For everyday use nothing beats tap water.

  4. Welcome Crafty Green Poet! I know, I know. I am guilty of buying bottled water while traveling, especially now that you can't carry water through security! Anyway, glad to have you aboard and I agree, tap water is pretty darn good, especially if you can do the reverse osmosis thing with it to filter out chemicals and impurities. We are so lucky to have awesome well water at home. It is cold and luscious! No mineral taste! I am also lucky to live near 3 Great Lakes: Superior, Michigan and Huron. Not to mention all the fresh water lakes inland! I so appreciate fresh water. Thanks for visiting! Please do come again!


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