Sunday, October 18, 2009

An Evening Walk

I went for a lovely stroll last night just as the sun was about to set. I took these photos with my cell phone so they aren't the greatest but I am hoping you will enjoy them anyway. Sunday blessings to all.....

Landlocked Salmon...they are about 24"

Tree Fungus

Yellow Maple

Leaves on the street

A Money Plant


  1. Love the photos...I love fall. That tree is awesome. Thanks for the comment on my I want to know the language of Quaking Grass Green....I'm afraid to know now that I'm almost done with the second coat!

    I don't know anything about that stuff, but the green reminds me of being outside and I plan to accent with other earthlike colors like blue and brown.

    What do you think? :)

  2. Love that gold tree against the blue sky. It's a time of year so rich in color, beautiful visuals whenever we go outdoors.

  3. How lovely! This is such a refreshing time of year - all crisp and crunchy, I just love it. I TRY really really hard to love the frozen tundra to come - I try! Both times are great for cooking and baking, how's that?

  4. Kathy, I sent you an email so you are sure to get the info on the colors! I just LOVE your choices!

    Joanne, you are is quite a time of vivid contrasting colors! I wish we could carry some of it forward into the white/gray time of year!

    suZen, YES! The fall is awesome. The frozen tundra time, well, as you say it's a good time to cook and bake! I LOVE to make soups!

  5. Wow, your cell phone takes gorgeous photos! I miss the fall in Michigan - thank you for sharing some of it with me... Hugs, Silke

  6. Silke, I love how you keep changing your photo! Very cool! and yes, for a cell phone it isn't bad but I love doing the zoom thing and of course this doesn't have that OR a flash so most of the photos weren't that great. Still, I have the memory of a perfect evening stroll.....

  7. Hi Diantha,

    Don't apologize for your cellphone photos. I think it did a lovely job.

    I love the Yellow Maple - so lavish in its Autumn colors.

  8. Yes, they aren't too bad for a cellphone! And that yellow maple is so much more amazing in real time! I wish I could show you all that awesome tree! What energy!

  9. The trees are so beautiful in all their splendiferous (what? It's a word!) colour. I hate the change of seasons, but I do love all the beautiful colours that result from the cooler weather.

  10. Why yes, Carolynn, splendiferous is one of my favorite words to use! Don't listen to spell check!

    Yes, I have a love/hate thing with the change of seasons. Although fall is one of my favorite times of year, and one of the most glorious!, I dread it because of what follows. The winter is beautiful but I am so over the cold, the wind, the slush, the mess of winter. Hmmmmm, I must be turning into a migrating creature! xo

  11. I can still see the beauty of Fall in those pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hi Mermaid, yes it is still so beautiful with all the brightly colored trees! With all the rain we've had here, the colors are more muted than usual but as you can see, still quite glorious!

  13. Oh yes I love the photos and I miss fall. In the last photo that money plant grew in our woods when I was a kid. I wonder if it was a sign of my future prosperity!

    Hey, I want to know about your 3rd anniversary and why it was so special!

  14. Tess what a great memory of where prosperity began for you! YAY! I love those money plants. My grandmother used to pick them in the fall and spray gold paint on them! Don't you just love how they sound with the wind blowing through them!

    And you will laugh about what made our third anniversary so special. First of all you have to realize this was a LONG time ago, when we NEVER got out. We had one baby at the time and we had gone to visit with my husband's parents for Christmas (we were married two days before Christmas which kind of over-shawdowed our anniversary for years!) anyway, this particular year my in-laws took us to a private club for dinner where we were treated like royalty and after dinner they made cafe diablo by the table. I'm not even sure anymore what was in it, but the preparation was so beautiful as they peeled an orange very carefully in one single strip, put it in the coffee which was over an open fire, then they added liqueurs. It was just a magical evening for this naive country bumpkin woman who never got out. I did not have a car at the time and was home every day with our child, my husband in the Navy so he was never home, so this was just so magical. I'm sure my eyes were big as saucers through this whole evening of people waiting on us hand and foot and then this whole cafe diablo show! Plus my in-laws were a ton of fun so we did a lot of laughing. It was just great. It probably sounds boring to more sophisticated eyes, but sometimes the simple times turn out to be the best! xo


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