Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Colors of Fall

I am always inspired by the colors that are predominant in each season of the year. I imagine the angels of color intend for that to be the case!

What are the colors of fall? Well, where I live here are the predominant colors:

Red, Gold, Orange, Yellow, Green, Tan/Wheat/Brown, Purple/Magenta/Deep Crimson.

This year all the colors are quite muted due to all the rain we have had here. Some years the fall colors are totally brilliant, but this year they are more muted and so beautiful in that understated way true beauty is.

So what do these colors want to tell us? Their main messages follow:

Red: Tells us that energy from the earth is available to us any time we wish. That red is energy and passion and courage. That it is luscious life force.

Gold: Tells us that we have a treasure within the core of us. It tells us that we have a deep knowing within that we can trust. It tells us that we are worth something and we are valuable.

Orange: Tells us that bliss is available for all of us. It tells us that our boundaries need to be in place for a truly successful relationship. It brings us creativity and joy.

Yellow: Tells us happiness is at hand. It helps with finding clarity and focus in any situation. It helps us assimilate knowledge and experiences.

Green: Tells us that nature is one of our best allies. That our heart center is the center from which we should be living. That our path can be clear to us if we have faith and trust.

Tan/Wheat/Brown: Tells us that friendship is important. It helps us connect to the earth and helps us stabilize. It can help us feel safe.

Purple/Magenta/Deep Crimson: They tell us that the Spirit is all around us. They bring us closer to a spiritual reality in our daily lives. They activate the higher mind consciousness and connect us to our spiritual centers.

I give thanks to the Creator for all the fabulous colors in our lives. And I love that fall brings us such a vibrant color palette to enjoy! Which colors in this palette resonate for you?

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  1. Beautiful Post ,Diantha!
    I loved the meaning of the colors and now want explore painting with these vibrant colors.

  2. I love the colors of Fall! Our leaves weren't very vibrant here this year, but my eyes did spot a few patches of brilliant reds and oranges. Yellow and green and red really have become my favorites of late. Reading this post helps me see why!

    Thank you.


  3. I do love the colors of fall, Diantha, and though they have been physically sort of dull in our neck of the woods, they are alive in my heart. These days I am drawn to golds, very interesting! The gold leaves on the trees just radiate and my eye is continually seeking them out. They bring such splendor into my heart. And gratitude! Thank you for this most informative and insightful post! xo

  4. Sema, I have felt the same even though I am not a painter per se! I just love these colors and how they make my heart sing! So I feel like playing with them through paint!

    Angela, ours weren't very bright this year either, but they still brighten up the landscape don't they! Glad the post helped bring you some clarity!

    Jan, you ARE gold! Helping to lead people back to the treasure of who they are. No wonder it has been calling to you! You are using it every day of your life! xo

  5. Hi diantha ,
    I did do the painting-a digital abstract art.You can see it over here
    thank you for the inspiration

  6. Wonderful design, Sema! I just love your work!

  7. What a stunning photo, and beautiful post, too.

    I love colour. I sing in St. Paul's Cathedral Choir (see here and here if you're interested) and one of the things I really love is the mix of gorgeous, soul-stirring music and the beauty of the light shining through the stained glass windows of the Cathedral.

    Sometimes it is hard not to get distracted!

  8. Spring and Fall are my two favorite seasons. I think with each it's the colors. Spring of course, the colors of new growth and potential. Fall, well Fall's the vibrant bold colors of wisdom and age. A celebration of where we've been what we've done and where we have yet to go. I do so love fall. Wonderful photo's and I thank you for the explanation of all the colors. Thank you for sharing your beauty. Blessings to you and yours. Love and Light, Nina P

  9. Daharja, I just left you a comment on the Chorister blog...fantastic! Color and music (sound) go together to create amazing healing qualities. It is no accident that churches have stained glass windows. Which is what I will write about next! Thank you so much for those links. I was so uplifted by your Chorister blog!

    Nina, I love both those seasons as well. You explain it all perfectly. What a beautiful, lyrical soul you are!

  10. I have always loved fall colors and you have just given me reason to love them even more! Thank you!

  11. Nacherluver, you are welcome! I've always loved them too. I'll miss them when they are gone!

  12. What a gorgeous post - your words evoked such images of color! When you first listed the fall colors where you live, I thought that I think of those colors even her where it's warmer and the colors aren't so intense everywhere. For me, they are so rich, so deep, they speak of warm fires, pots of stew, knitting in hand and a good book to keep us company.

    Of all the seasons, fall is my favorite - I don't know if it's the harvest and the fullness connected with that or the shorter days and getting ready to hibernate. I just love it and plan to enjoy every minute of it (even on days like today when it's still 80 degrees outside).

    Love, Silke

  13. We don't have a Fall season here in the West Indies but I have had a long-standing love affair with Fall colors. They feature prominently in the clothes and accessories I buy and wear and in decorating my home.

    Green, as you know Diantha, is my all-time favorite, followed closely by that terracotta red, burnt sienna and orange. I like the earthy tones of tan/wheat/brown - always a staple, and a perfect backdrop for the other fall colours.

  14. Silke and Cheryl, you both live where the fall colors are different and yet I think it is common to associate this pallette with fall no matter where we live!

    Silke, fall is just as you describe. Tonight we have a fire in the fireplace, candles burning on the table, the cat is curled up on a blanket near the fire, my husband is content watching the world series, and I have been reading a book next to him. What a lovely change from the charge about rhythm of the summer!

    Cheryl, yes! I remember you love green! And your affinity for those yummy earthy tones with accents of warm colors sounds so inviting! I feel all warm and cozy just thinking of them!
    Thanks for experiencing fall colors with me!

  15. Thank you for sharing your insight about Fall colors. How wonderful!

  16. Mermaid, you are welcome. Glad you enjoyed it!

  17. Wonderful post, Diantha. Thanks for featuring the colors of my favorite season!

  18. Wonderful post, Diantha. Thanks for featuring the colors of my favorite season!

  19. You are welcome, RainbowWriter! They really are so beautiful aren't they!


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