Sunday, November 1, 2009

Woodsy Path

Story time again! This time the photo is this beautiful path through the woods....but WAIT! What is on the other side? And where did the road come from? Ah, it is YOUR TURN to write a tale about this the road well traveled or the road less traveled .... or WHAT!

Something to do while I am leading the Feng Shui Institute International conference this week in Marco Island Florida. I'll be back online mid November! Everyone who writes a story will be entered into a drawing for a deck of Simply Color cards! Take a peek at them at

Ta-Ta and have fun writing!


  1. This is the road that will lead me to the fulfillment of my dreams.

    I can't see what lays just over the rise, how steep the descent on the other side, how many twists and turns or forks in the road I'll encounter. Leaves strewn on the ground are like the past I leave behind, at once sad to see littering my path and beautiful for the memories they evoke, both painful and joyous.

    The forest to either side holds mysteries, possibly gifts and is a little frightening, yet, if I keep my eyes focused ahead, I can see that the sun is shining.

    The path itself does not offer me much. To stay here would not serve me. As hard as it is, as tired or frustrated I may feel, the only thing to do is continue to place one foot in front of the other.

    I'll see you on the other side.


  2. Carolynn, this is just beautiful. BEAUTIFUL! And you are right, I'll see you on the other side! Thanks for your insightful input! xo

  3. The Path of Life

    The path of life is ours to take
    We're learning just to be

    Blowing wind, and branches sway
    Such glorious colors I see

    The Light it calls us up ahead
    With Faith we'll make it there

    Come walk with me, we'll talk a bit
    Though it be hard or fair

    Adventure guides as we move
    Just listen to natures song

    Out of the darkness and into the Light
    The road may be short or long

    We may not know the journey's end
    But we'll learn along the way

    Rest a bit and listen well
    The earth has something to say

    The breath of Life is on this path
    As leaves fall at our feet

    Let's walk along to roads unseen
    What mystery's we'll meet?

    So walk with me hand in hand
    And bask in natures glory

    The magic on this path we walk
    Is part of life's grand story

    written with Love and Light
    by Nina P

  4. Oh Nina....this is amazing. You are so gifted! You write with magic! xo

  5. Hi Diantha.
    You will be busy with your conference, best wishes with that.
    For me this photo is perfect to depict life.
    It shows the now, a moment on the road of life, what way is the future, what way is the past and in the end nobody knows and why should we care? What there is, is a beautiful place to cherish and to enjoy.

  6. As I walk along this delightful path with the light above me I can feel the warm sunshine on my skin and a slight breeze mussing with my hair. My lungs fill with air that smells fresh, not city stale.

    As the trail continues the light changes to a speckled dance along the path. A rustling in the undergrowth delivers my very first sighting of a wild creature. Something I would have missed if I hadn’t been using my ears as well as my eyes.

    As I venture further I can feel the leaves brushing my arms and the subtle change in temperature as I move between patches of sunlight.

    As I emerge from the trees I am confronted by open fields surrounded by a sea of golden grass. The sun is strong and I can feel perspiration forming on my back.

    I feel calm and full of life as I soak up the beauty of nature, in all its forms and am thankful that I have five senses with which to experience such a wonderful place.

    Sometimes I walk with a destination in mind and sometimes the journey is all the matters.


  7. Peggy, you don't know it but you have just described this path perfectly! Over the hill (in reality) the road goes down the other side through woodlands, then opens into beautiful fields full of golden grasses! Amazing! Loved your journey you described! A wonderful walk through nature and its wonders! xo

  8. Hey Diantha!

    A picture like that.. wow. I feel like having a toothpaste moment where everything is just waiting to spill out ! ;)

    .. too much in my head right now. Maybe i will actually feel like writing them out after this tub of creamy fruit yoghurt. ;)


  9. Oh noooo! What happened to my comment? Yesterday I was here and after reading the post, came up with what I thought was a brilliant epiphany of what this path meant to me. ;)

    Now I come back today to check on more comments and get inspired, only to find my original comment is not posted.

    Did I forget to hit "post comment"? Did the universe erase it? Did I imagine the whole thing?

    Sheesh! The path is looking longer to me today. It's a long, beautiful path of learning.

  10. Ha! Now I feel like a goof!. Comments must be approved!

  11. Mine is simple. The Road the leads to Home:)

  12. perfectly said. Living in the moment allows us to be free of what was past, and what is to come! Love this!

    Silver, how was that yogurt? Hope you will come back for some fun! And bring that yogurt! <;-)

    Nacherluver...I can't find your offering anywhere! I will go through all the emails again but it isn't on the "waiting to be moderated" page either. HMMMMMM. Your post is turning into a MYSTERY STORY! Bless your heart!

    Mermaid...this is so profound. I really love this ending! xo


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