Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Color Quiz Answers

Thanks to everyone who gave this a go. Most of these answers are fairly obvious but there were a couple of stumpers in here. I'm posting these a bit earlier than I said I would since I will be gone all day tomorrow. Here are the answers!

1. Most attention getting color is RED
2. BLACK is, of course, the color associated with villains.
3. PURPLE, the color of royals
4. Rooms of YELLOW cause the most arguments.
5. The color most hospitals use to promote relaxation is GREEN
6. Public servants in Rome wore the color BLUE. It is the basis today of our police uniforms and those of other civil workers.
7. BROWN is the color that implies genuineness and reliability
8. PINK causes people to loose energy. There is a visitor's locker room in some professional football stadium that is painted pink for this reason!
9. Chinese brides traditionally wear RED for their weddings.
10.The color thought to be least appetizing is BLUE.

So there you have it! Pretty straightforward for the most part. Hope you enjoyed this little summer detour! Nice and light! xo


  1. This was fun, and I like the tid-bits about the color of the police uniforms and the reasoning behind the pink football locker room. I can just see the potential SNL skit on that one ;)

    Thanks for this summer diversion.

  2. Joanne, you are welcome! I'd like to see that skit too! xo

  3. I knew most of them, but the ones that surprised me were #4 & #8. Hmmm....

  4. Yes, those are stumpers. I also was amazed to find this out when I studied color! Apparently yellow agitates and a certain shade of pink drains. In our marriage of 40+ years we have had two yellow master bedrooms. I did this because I am not a morning person. I felt it would help me get up with more energy in the morning and I think it did! We did not spend much time in either one of them other than to sleep...the first one was when we had young children and I was lucky to get in there for a few hours sleep each night! The second was when we first became empty nesters and moved into the city. I loved that bedroom but it was at the top of a 4 story townhouse and believe me, I climbed those stairs only to go to sleep at night! So I can't speak to this personally, but this is the research! Still, I wouldn't put too much emphasis on research and would rather advise people to use the color that calls to them. There is a personal reason for that that to me overrides all of this....always trust your intuition......

  5. Oh, how fun, I learned something new here... Didn't know that the least appetizing color is blue - someone should have told that to the blueberries...:) Silke

  6. Oh Silke, I love how you are always so joyful! Blueberries are my favorite food! But I think they are talking more about blue plates or blue placemats etc. Still, I have lovely blue plates for desserts and use them all the time. I love them. This is why I keep saying to use what you love. These are only guidelines, not rules. And since I adore blue foods, I love blue plates! xo

  7. Interesting facts, and I love those colorful hills. I'm sad about #8, but there is still much love out there.

  8. Mermaid, I know what you mean about the pink but it refers to a shade known as pepto bismol pink. The effect is short lasting too...about 20 minutes. It is also the color some jails paint holding rooms to calm criminals. So don't worry too much. The positive loving energy of pink is ALWAYS there! xo

  9. Well I love pink, I had a fun yellow kitchen in my last home and I wear brown the least.

    That's not looking to good or is it?

  10. Theresa, here is the problem with these things...we see only one aspect of a color and like a diamond they have MANY. Here is what I see with your color choices:
    You are a loving, generous person who is deeply compassionate. You have a warm, open personality with an ability to smile on even the darkest of days. You are apt to be full of life and less likely to sit in the shadows. In other words, I believe you light up a room! Now THAT doesn't sound bad at all! xo


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