Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Tao

In a recent post I mentioned the Tao Te Ching. I want to revisit it today because it has brought me such peace in my life and that is something to share.

There are as you know many sacred texts in the world. I find them all to have value and to espouse similar tenets. Did you know that all the world’s religions have a version of the Golden Rule for example? (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you). They all have a story of death and resurrection. They all have a belief in a supreme being. We are more alike in our religions than we are dis-similar. But that is another post!

The Tao is one of the most ancient of texts. It was written by a Chinese scholar named Lao Tsu. The simple wisdom in the Tao appeals to my husband and me. It is uncluttered with additions and subtractions, it is straightforward, it is full of wise guidance.

Perhaps you have heard the phrase “a Journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” This is from the Tao. And although the wording is not the same, the phrase from AA “Let go and let God” is found all over the Tao.

These are the main things I get from the Tao: live my own life and don’t worry about what others are or are not doing. The Tao will take care of those who live their lives without care for the planet, or animals, or other people. Let the Tao work its wonders for it always does. Respect myself, respect all sentient beings, walk softly on the earth, follow my path, and let go of anything that is not mine to carry. It lessens the load I carry considerably.

This is not to say that I don’t have challenges! I have plenty of them. I have feelings and emotions but when I remember the Tao, those seem to wash away bringing me back to center and a feeling of peace, knowing that God is in charge, not I.

I can’t tell you how peaceful my life has become by studying, learning and following the Tao. It is a simple, powerful book of Truths that do not conflict with whatever religion you follow. It is extremely spiritual, profoundly wise, and like all simple truths, hard to put into action. But putting the effort into it is worthwhile because soon you will find that the effort has turned to habit, and the habit has turned to a spiritual practice that benefits not only yourself, but everyone around you as well. Just like that pebble that, when thrown into the pool of water creates resonating waves, your actions will spread out to affect many others.

So my invitation to you is to pick up a copy of the Tao Te Ching and start to read it. The translation I like best is by Stephen Mitchell. And the book by Wayne Dyer, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, is a wonderful book that dissects each chapter of the Tao, bringing it into more focus and into a way we can incorporate it into our daily lives.

Let me know how it goes for you. As always, take what resonates and let go of the rest. That is the Tao in action.


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. I have been very drawn to the Tao lately. I think I will check out Wayne Dyers book.

  2. I love the tao and any teaching that brings me peace of mind and a loving heart! Thanks for sharing this - it's my inspiration for the day!! Hugs, Silke

  3. Diantha,
    How wonderful to read about your connection to the Tao Te Ching. I have a favorite interpretation of it done by William Martin: The Couple's Tao Te Ching. He also wrote The Parent's Tao Te Ching. (I guess Oprah gives this to every friend who has a new baby.) I think you are spot on about allowing the Tao to flow in and through our lives. It does take us home to our truest selves.

    Here's one phrase from the Martin book for couples that I love:

    "You do not need words
    to prove your love.
    The proof lies in simple actions.
    Listening with attention,
    seeing with acceptance,
    touching with tenderness,
    this is the way of the Tao."

    Hugs to you this day...

  4. Hi Diantha, I discoverered your blog thanks to Jan Lundy. You are sharing great things over here! I really appreciate you writing about the Tao. This is something I have had interest in but have not yet explored fully. I just learned about Stephen Mitchell (through reading A Thousand Names for Joy that he helped write with Byron Katie); it is nice to have a recommendation for which copy to buy of the Tao as that has been part of my confusion when I've looked through the many copies available at bookstores! I love it that you read both texts with your husband! It is wonderful to practice living like this with a partner!

  5. Oh I am with you here!! What a wonderful post!! Blessings, Sarah

  6. Mama, Let me know how you like Wayne Dyer's book when you get it! We've worn through our copy and need a new one!

    Silke, I'm glad the Tao inspires you today! Peace and joy to you!

    Jan, what a lovely quote! Oh another book to get! I need to build a library! But I do love that quote....and words do become unnecessary when love grows deep. Actions and simple gestures become so communicative, and beyond words.

    Joy Discovered, so glad you discovered this blog! I am so happy to have you visit here! Byron Katie's book has also come up twice lately. I think this is another book to buy! Thank you! Let me know how you like whatever version of the Tao you get!

    Sarah, glad to have you visit today as always! I am not as great a hostess as you are....i forget the lace tablecloth and scones and teas but I get so excited I just get right into things!

    Blessings to you all today and every day.....

  7. I love the Tao too and Wayne as well and I have both books. Living a simple, happy, peacful life that is a true blessing :-). Bless you too.

  8. Annie, that is great! We are so lucky aren't we! xo

  9. I love the simplicity of the Tao, I will look out for a copy of the translation you mention

  10. CGP, I love the simplicity as well. I wish the governments of the world would realize that simple is best! And wisest! Blessings to you!

  11. Thanks, Diantha. I've been curious and intrigued by the Tao for a little while. Thank you for the book references. I'm feeling a wee bit distracted with my kitty's health issues right now, however, I WILL look for those books.

  12. Carolynn, I know you will get to the Tao when the time is right. I had the book for at least 15 years before I really read it. It is the kind of book you can pick up every day and get something out of....or not. I love how non judgemental it is. Things just are. Anyway, I hope Bear is doing better...Bunny too. You'll get to the book when the time is right. No worries. No guilt.


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