Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Rabbit Noticed My Condition

I was reading Wayne Dyer's book this morning in my little morning routine of being quiet and contemplative the first 30 minutes or so. He has a book on the Tao Te Ching that my husband and I both love to read titled Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life. I've been a follower of Dr. Dyer since his first book came out ages ago when he was still a practicing psychologist. I even got to sit in a small audience back when they taped tapes for sale through Nightengale Conant of his work. Now they make DVD's but back then, I got to hear him talk for 3 days about life. It was great!

So, back to this morning. We always just randomly open the book and read the chapter we open to. The Tao is an ancient Chinese script written by Lao-Tzu, an ancient Chinese philosopher. My husband and I try to practice the Tao in our lives because we find it very wise, quite hard to do, and very effective. I'll get into that in another post, but today's chapter had a poem by St. John of the Cross, a 16th century mystic, that I thought was so sweet and so lovely that I wanted to share it with all of you. It is titled, "A Rabbit Noticed My Condition":

I was sad one day and went for a walk;
I sat in a field.

A rabbit noticed my condition and came near.

It often does not take more than that to help at times-

to just be close to creatures who
are so full of knowing,
so full of love
that they don't--

they just gaze with
their marvelous understanding.

Thank you to all of you who who both chatted and gazed with me this week during my sadness.


  1. I love that so much. really wonderful, thank you. I hope your sadness is a little less and that you are feeling better today. xoxo

  2. Hi Annie, yes thank you, I am feeling very positive today. I miss my friend but know she is near. xo

  3. I've been a follower of Wayne Dyer for many, many years. I remember going to his talks back when we lived in California and his following was still fairly small... I have this book as well, but haven't really gotten into it much - I'll start with it tomorrow - you have inspired me! Have you read A Thousand Names for Joy by Byron Katie, also about the Tao? It's wonderful! I hope that you are feeling a little less sad by now and feeling your friend's presence! Hugs, Silke

  4. What a wonderful post and so very true!! Breathe hon. Namaste, Sarah

  5. My animals do that for me. Rabbits that appear in my daily life, along the side of the road, are good omens for me. There's a reason I believe that, but for now, suffice it to say they represent a message of support, encouragement, and a positive outcome for whatever I have planned that day.

  6. Oh joy! A new book to explore! Thanks for the tip, Silke! I do love the Tao so much and would like to find out more so thank you! And yes, I do feel very positive about my friend and where she is now. Shining brilliantly somewhere no doubt! xo

  7. Ah Sarah, yes BREATHE! I do forget to do that sometimes! Thanks for the good reminder!

    Carolynn, animals, birds, insects and snakes are all great omens bringing us messages. I love to see something and then come home and look up the meaning! I always learn from these encounters! It is so wonderful you have discovered yourself the message that Rabbit brings to you! How lovely that you have that relationship with such a cuddly creature! Thank you for sharing that. xo

  8. Hi Diantha,

    Thank you for referring me to your friend with the floral essences. I had a quick look at her site while at work and will have another closer look. Bear seems to be responding to his meds. He's dragging his tail less and is drinking more water...that one really had me worried there for a while...I so appreciate your caring and loving support. It means so very much to me.


  9. Good luck with Bear. I have such love for animals so I understand what it is like to have a sick one. Bless his little heart.....xo

  10. Diantha - I also recently lost a student/friend, much too young, and so I really resonate with where you have been at recently. I love the soulful rabbit you have presented here - this is so true. Animals just gaze out at us from a place of pure Tao.

  11. Mommymystic, it is so sad some people seem to leave us way before their time, but it happens. Throughout our lives. It is always a shock isn't it. I'm sorry for your loss too. And yes, animals have mastered the Tao...for me it is harder!

  12. this is so lovely, animals are so good at doing this

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend...

  13. Thanks so much, CGP! I so appreciate everyone's kindness. And I appreciate your visiting my blog. Many blessings to you.....


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