Friday, July 17, 2009

Golden Heart Award

Thank you to Angela Recada who gifted me with the Golden Heart award. Angela’s blog is a breath of fresh air showcasing her art, love of family, rescued pets, and her dreams for travel and learning new languages to add to her many accomplishments!

I would like to pass this award celebrating “creative, caring souls” on to the following blogs:

Annie at Blissful Bohemian
Sema at Affirmart
Tabitha at ichoosebliss
suZen at Erasing the Bored
Jan at Awake is Good

Just enjoy this award ladies. You are each of you creating, giving, soulful and marvelous beings!


  1. Thank you,Diantha for the award.I feel very honored to receive the award from a very creative and caring soul like you.
    blessings for abundance

  2. Bless your heart :-). Thank you. You so deserve this award :-).

  3. Congratulations, Diantha!

    So...what does the colour gold represent...? ;o)

  4. Thank you sooooo much!
    I'm deeply honored!!

  5. To Sema, Annie, Tabitha, you so deserve this award too! Angela, it all began with you! Thanks you! Carolynn, how cool to ask what gold represents. It represents the treasure that we are, our gut wisdom, that just knowing we hold in our "gut". It also refers to deep bliss (Tabitha, this is YOU for sure!), contentment, and abundance of the soul. Great color for sure! Thanks for asking!

  6. Dearest Diantha,
    Such a lovely gift! Thank you for your kind thoughts and this recognition. You are one caring, creative soul as well. I am so glad our paths crossed all those years ago! xxoo

  7. Jan, dear friend.....I am glad too. You have made a huge difference in my life. Thank you.


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